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About Us

Who Are We

We are a large worldwide select show/working line kennel, with a specialty in German Shepherd breeding based in London & Essex. We are very proud to say that we achieved some top results within the UK, Germany, Serbia, Russia, and will keep moving forward to do better.


We raise and train our dogs  to the breed standard of the UK Kennel Club and the SV Germany. Some of our German Shepherds are and will be IPO, Schutzhund trained.


We pay a lot of attention to detail in selecting top quality bitches and males to produce the correct type, construction, movement and temperament. We only use top quality dogs that have had all the relevant tests done, so they do not inherit any unwanted genetic genes in their lines.


Whether you are looking for a pet as a companion, for protection, agility or to show, we will be more than happy to listen to any questions you may have and help you in finding the right puppy to fulfill your needs.


We breed for quality not quantity.  Our puppies’ health is very important to us, as we care for each and everyone with all intensions in keeping a puppy for ourselves, but we can’t keep them all.  The quality of our German Shepherd puppies speaks for itself.


Please come in and have a look at our website.  We hope it will be an enjoyable and educational experience getting to know this lovely breed.